It is a 16-paged redesign of “Nieuwe helderheid, Nieuwe identiteit voor culturele instituten” written by Bas van Lier, published in Items. The cultural sector is communicating with a new visual language, which is called the new clarity.


My notes after reading the text:

(1) “Black on white in sans serif capitals without further hodgepodge.”

(2) Geometric shapes

(3) Often an active element

(4) Solid typography

(5) Minimalistic

Redesign article Bas van Lier at Items, 2014

(6) Frameworks and patterns

(7) Dynamic

(8) “Moscovisch kristal”: a basic grid o tens of forms, which together create a dynamic and simultaneously completely unambiguous identity.


With this in mind I created a dynamic grid to place the images in. (2,3,6,7,8) A clear line makes a reference from the text to the image. (3) I used solid typography: bold Interstate, and black on white in sans serif (1,4) I only used one font size and I underlined the titles and reviewers to create hierarchy. (5)

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